Udaipur is called the Venice of the east. It is also called the city of lakes. The Lake Palace on Jag Niwas Island in the middle of Pichola Lakes is the finest example of its architecture and culture. The grand City Palace on the banks of the lake compliments the palace along with the Monsoon Palace (Sajjan Garh) on the hill above. Udaipur is also the centre for performing arts, craft and its famed miniature paintings.The Shilp Gram festival is a center of attraction during the season.

Udaipur, once known as Mewar. It is the land that produced a galaxy of patriots and heroes in quick succession, people who etched the name of Rajasthan in every corner of the world. Its history has been a continuous struggle for freedom of religion, thought and land against other Rajput groups as well as the overbearing Mughals and Muslims of bygone eras.


Udaipur was founded by Rana Udai Singh after the fall of Chittor to Akbar in 1568. Although the Rajputs were thrown out of their capital they never gave up their sense of freedom, choosing to give up their lives for dignity and honor instead. Legend says that Maharana Udai Singh was out hunting one day and he came upon a sage seated beside the Pichola Lake. The sage said that the king would build his palace at the same site, and then the fortunes of his family would change.


The Maharana built a small shrine, Dhuni Mata, to mark the spot which is now the oldest part of the City Palace. Udai Singh chose the site of Udaipur for his new capital and built an artificial lake named Udai Sagar after himself. Later he hit upon a pond said to have been made in the 15th century by a banjara (gypsy). Dabok Airport is 21km. from Udaipur is the nearest airhead. It is well connected with domestic flights to all the major cities of India. Delhi, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Aurangabad and Mumbai. The railway station is about 4 kms from the centre and is well linked to Mumbai via Ahmedabad, Delhi Chittorgarh connects Udaipur. Royal luxurious train the Palace on Wheel also covers this place. Deluxe and semi deluxe buses are operated by Rajasthan Roadways from Jaipur, Delhi, Ahmedabad to Udaipur.

The highways are very well constructed and it takes around 8-9 hr. from Jaipur. Taxis can also be hired from Jaipur and Ahmedabad. People usually prefer wearing bright colored clothes. The traditional attire of women is 'Ghaghra choli' (Skirt & blouse) and for men, angrakha (Kurta) and dhoti would do. In the modern times, people prefer wearing casual dress to match the contemporary fashion. The best time to visit Udaipur is during the winter months from September to March.


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